Post Pecan Street Festival

The Pecan Street Festival was a great experience for me. I met so many nice folks over two days of non-stop action. I very much enjoyed hearing feedback from new clients, non-clients and others that just stumbled in my tent to visit. Happy to report that as a result of the show I have new clients from TX, MS, OR, NY, FL and WY.

I am working on my art show schedule for the rest of the year and have picked a couple of other events with more information on those to come. In the interim, back to building more on my website and looking for time to shoot.

In the interim on July 4th, I will be at the Hill Country Galleria Independence Day Festival. More info on that event here:

Prepping for Pecan Street

Most of my time for development efforts on the site here have been redirected towards getting ready for the Pecan Street Festival, May 2nd&3rd . Check out my events page for more info. Hope you have a chance to come by my Booth #68 and say hello.

Back to building and updating my site here soon... Best, Justin

Squarespace build

Digging Squarespace - From one that suffers from website design/layout commitment issues, probably stemming from too many years hunched over a drafting board, Squarespace has a solution for me... Limited choices. I did not know if I would like it or not, but apparently their clean design and take it or leave it layout attitude works. It is easy to use and allows me to upload my content and leave the rest to them. Lack of control is not always my strong suit, so I find it therapeutic to some extent. Just getting started and I guess it will always be in flux, but I am enjoying the start.

squarespace setup.png

Arches NP Workshop in 2 weeks

I am preparing for a trip to Arches National Park, Utah coming up in 2-weeks. I am attending a workshop with Jack Graham  and Bill Fortney, both great photographers with vast experience as working professionals and a true gift for sharing their knowledge of all-things photography. I have been to Arches over the years on multiple road trips; however I am really looking forward to doing so with Jack and Bill.

I attended their workshop in Acadia National Park, Maine last October 2014. We spent 4 days shooting with a great group of folks along the coast. The level of work that those photographers were producing was amazing and it was cool to see the variations of work while we were all shooting in the same locations. Here are a couple of my photographs from that long cold, wet and rewarding weekend: