Howdy… I am Justin Ruiz, an Austin, TX based photographer, dad, husband, architect & business dude.

I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember. Studying architecture gave me open access to a darkroom and the motivation to further pursue that passion. Since that date photography has been my therapy, my outlet, my passion.  I have had the fortune of travel throughout the U.S. for my business efforts and then just about any other time I can load up my truck for extended photography treks, which take me all across the U.S.  

My work is representative of my efforts to make it as far as I can off the beaten path, in whatever location I find myself.  I strive to create images about my experiences in those places and of subjects that have become personally meaningful to me. I love to share my work and stories of my travels.

Some of my work is available here under PRINTS. I can also be found at various art shows around Texas. Other work you see here and on social is available in print and digital format, for which you can contact me below.

So that’s me or partly anyway.  How about you? Let’s connect.

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